Environmental Policy


The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Wrights of Howth business philosophy. The fact that our activities, or those of our employees, may have an effect on the environment is of great consequence to us. We therefore endeavour to operate in harmony with the environment, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

Sourcing Materials:
To utilise raw materials and processes which make minimum demands on the environment and which produce minimum waste.

To carry out our service using environmentally friendly materials and equipment, which are energy efficient and produce minimal harmful waste when disposed of.

Waste & Recycling:
To minimise the waste produced through the business activities and look for innovative ways to recycle waste material.

To reduce the demand on energy resources from our activities.

Transport & Distribution:
To utilise, where applicable, efficient distribution and transport systems for goods and personnel.

To provide all the information necessary to enable products to be properly used, stored and disposed of so as to avoid damage to the environment.

Employment & Training:
To ensure that all employees are in a position to improve environmental performance by providing appropriate information, training and consultation procedures.